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Vermont Castings is an iconic industry leader in gas stoves, offering a range of enduring products with a history of exceptional features and benefits. Bridging beauty and utility through timeless designs and American craftsmanship, Vermont Castings gas stoves provide not only convenient, efficient heat but a memorable place to gather. All Vermont Castings gas stoves are direct vent models, which ensure safety and indoor air quality by drawing in outside air for combustion and expelling combustion byproducts back outdoors. Made from durable recycled cast iron, Vermont Castings stoves not only provide excellent heat retention and distribution but also showcase classic designs that enhance the atmosphere of any room. With Vermont Castings gas stoves, you can enjoy the beauty, reliability and innovation that have made the brand a trusted choice among homeowners and professionals since 1975. Experience the warmth and style of a Vermont Castings gas stove, where American quality and exquisite craftsmanship come together to create a truly exceptional heating solution.

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